Replace All Upper Teeth

Situation: All Upper Teeth are Missing

  • Functional problem chewing
  • Esthetic problem with poor upper lip support and wrinkling of face due to loss of face height
  • Continued bone loss and accelerated bone loss due to missing teeth

Treatment Options

Removable Complete Upper Denture


  • Economical
  • Replaces all of the lost teeth
  • Tolerated by most people


  • Becomes loose and falls down
  • Need to use material to glue into place
  • These materials may cause changes in tissue and are difficult to handel
  • Low bite force with tendency to dislodge dentures
  • Cannot taste food because taste buds in roof of mouth are covered
  • Speech problems
  • Gag reflex
  • May fracture
  • Not very stable

Dental Implant Supported Removable OverDenture


  • Denture is stabilized with the use of dental implants
  • Denture is removable for cleansing
  • Stable denture supports profile and shape of face
  • Better bite force
  • Better speech with stable denture
  • Feel better with stable denture that does not move around


  • Denture may fracture
  • A dental implant may fail
  • Need for minor surgery to place the dental implants
  • Sometimes the clips inside the denture come out and need to be replaced
Haderbar supported denture

Dental Implant Supported Fixed Denture


  • Fixed like real teeth
  • Can be removed by dentist if there is a need
  • Lasts a long time
  • Predictable
  • Best stability and retention
  • Bone is stabilized by having dental implants


  • Hygiene is a little more involved
  • Prosthesis may fracture
  • A dental implant may fail
  • Need for minor surgery to do site preparation including bone grafting
Dental Implant  Supported Denture