Replace Multiple Missing TeethLower Front

Situation: Missing Lower Front Teeth

  • There is an obvious esthetic problem due to missing teeth
  • Functional problem
  • Risk of hyper-eruption of opposing teeth
  • Risk of drifting of neighboring teeth
  • Risk of cavities and progressing bone loss around remaining teeth

Treatment Options

Removable Partial Denture


  • Most economical
  • Tooth and lost bone and gum structure may easily be replaced in one appliance


  • Bulk
  • Must be removed nightly
  • Difficulty with speech
  • Altered taste
  • Risk of cavities and bone loss
  • Difficult to chew
Removable Lower Partial Denture

Fixed Partial Denture


  • Fixed and predictable
  • Immediate result
  • Average live span is 5 7 years


  • Long span bridge has poor strength
  • Need to incorporate more teeth in the bridge
  • Prepared teeth may need root canal treatment
  • After tooth structure has been removed, a tooth is susceptible to cavities
  • There is a risk of progressing bone loss
Fixed Partial Denture

Dental Implant Supported Fixed Partial Denture


  • Fixed
  • Excellent function, bite force is 95% of natural dentition
  • Stabilize bone
  • No adjacent tooth preparation is necessary


  • Longer treatment time to final restoration
  • Need for minor surgery
  • May need site preparation to replace missing bone and soft tissue prior to dental implant placement