About Our Office

We have recently moved to our brand new office. We have designed our facility to ensure safety, security and comfort of our patients. We have incorporated electronic medical records and digital radiography.

Electronic Medical Records

digital radiography at oral surgeon in Jacksonville FL

The electronic medical records allow us to manage our patient information in the most effective manner. Also, we are able to keep our patient information safe, secure and accessible.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography requires only 5% of the radiation used for conventional radiography. It is environmentally friendly because we no longer use chemicals to develop the conventional films.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

We are one of the few offices throughout the nation to incorporate the latest oral and maxillofacial imaging modality. This is called Cone Beam CT Scanner. This allows us to have three-dimensional images. We can identify vital structures such as nerves and sinus and measure exact bony volumes. This knowledge allows us to be much more precise in the surgical procedures for our patients.