What is Bone Grafting?

You often also lose some of your jawbone when you lose a tooth. This loss of bone material can make dental restoration more challenging, leaving you without a secure place to anchor implants. Fortunately, through a bone grafting procedure, the Jax OMS team can regenerate bone tissue where you need it most, restoring you to full oral health and making you eligible for a completely successful dental restoration.

The Benefits

The primary reason why patients come to us for bone grafting is to prepare for dental implant placement. It can be challenging to secure the implants without an adequate jawbone. A bone graft is a simple procedure that allows us to restore the jawbone. We also provide soft tissue grafts as needed, restoring the gums to ensure a healthy aesthetic.

Schedule Your Consultation

At Jax OMS, we emphasize patient comfort and safety, plus aesthetic outcomes, with every bone graft. To learn more, contact us at (904) 821-1334 to schedule your consultation.