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There are two types of gum tissue. The gum tissue immediately around the teeth is thick and protective tissue The other tissue is very thin and is found above and below the thicker tissue. If the thick tissue is not present around teeth and implants, it is important to graft this tissue. Tissue can be grafted from the palate to restore normal conditions. The thicker gum tissue is protective around teeth and dental implants.

Day of Surgery

Control of Minor Bleeding

  • Keep a gauze pack directly on the surgical site and apply gentle pressure.
  • Change the gauze pack every 30 to 45 minutes until minor bleeding is controlled.
  • It is common to have slight bleeding for a few hours after gum graft surgery.
  • Do not rinse or clean the teeth next to the surgical site. This can wash away to newly formed clot of blood and restart the bleeding.
  • If bleeding persists, apply a moist tea bag to the surgical site with gentle pressure for 30 minutes. Repeat the application of the tea bag for a second time if you still have slight bleeding.

We are very concerned about your well-being, please call our office if you need further assistance.

Control of Minor Swelling

  • Apply an ice pack to your face near the surgical site. Intermittent application with 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off is most effective. Ice should be applied for several hours on the day of your surgery.
  • Keep your head elevated above chest level.


Please take your pain medications and or antibiotics according to the specified dosage schedule.

Eating and Drinking

It is okay to drink soon after surgery. Please remove your gauze pack and replace it afterwards. Please avoid very hot liquids and alcohol on the day of your surgery. Do not use a straw.

Oral Hygeine

  • Do not clean next to the surgical site.
  • You may brush and floss your other teeth.
  • The tongue should be brushed.


You may not drive for 24 hours after IV sedation or while taking pain medications.
Light activity is recommended for the first day.

Day After Surgery

  • It is okay to have some minor bleeding.
  • It is a good idea to apply ice.
  • Take pain medications if needed.
  • You may have soft nutritious foods and please chew on the opposite side of your surgery.
  • It is okay to start gently rinsing in the surgical area. Please avoid mouth rinses that have alcohol.

Week After Surgery

  • When it feels comfortable, advance your diet to a normal diet and chew on both sides.
  • Please avoid vigorous exercise for the first week after surgery.