Intra-Venous Sedation

What is IV sedation?

Intra-venous sedation is a wonderful technique to obtain a controlled and monitored slightly depressed level of consciousness. This allow for short surgical procedures to be completed on an outpatient basis. The biggest advantage is that patients do not feel or remember anything about their surgical procedure.

Is it safe?

At Dr. Khans office all possible precautions are taken to assure patient safety. This begins at the initial consultation visit. A thorough review of health history is conducted along with physical examination.

Who can undergo IV sedation?

Only very healthy patients taking few medications can be treated with IV sedation in the office setting. Dr. Khan prefers to take patients with advanced health concerns to a hospital operating room for their surgery. This assures patient safety.

Where is it done?

At Dr. Khans office we have state of the art Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery operating suites.

What monitors are used?

Patients undergoing IV Sedation have:

  1. Enriched oxygen administered
  2. Breathing continuously monitored
  3. Blood oxygen saturation continuously monitored
  4. The carbon dioxide they breathe out is continuously monitored
  5. The electrical activity of the heart is continuously monitored
  6. The pulse is continuously monitored
  7. The blood pressure is monitored every 5 minutes
  8. Always have 3 staff members in the room monitoring the patient while they are sedated

What medications are used to achieve sedation?

Ultra short acting commonly used outpatient iv medications are used. These medications have reversal agents. The reversal agents for these medications are maintained at all times.

Will I be awake, or will I wake up in the middle of surgery?

IV medications are given in small amounts until the desired effect is achieved.

The vast majority of our patients have no recollection of their surgical procedure.

Are the staff trained to manage emergencies?

The staff at Dr. Khans office are CPR certified and are trained in emergency protocols. Dr. Khan is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and advanced airway techniques.

Will a breathing tube or machine be used?

All patients breathe on their own. At times we support the lower jaw to open the airway and allow patients to breathe freely. We do not place any breathing tubes for iv sedation.

How will I feel after I wake up?

A local anesthetic is administered to the planned surgical sites and patients wake up relaxed and comfortable.