When you find a strange or unidentifiable growth in your mouth, it can naturally be alarming. To gain peace of mind, or obtain early clinical intervention, it is recommended that you have the growth biopsied and diagnosed. At Jax OMS, we have the knowledge, experience, and technology needed to identify unusual formations in the mouth, and to intervene when the diagnosis calls for it.

What We Look For

Our patients request oral pathology services due to lesions, bumps, or areas of discoloration along the tongue, the gums, or the inside of the mouth. Often, these abnormalities are benign and can quickly be removed from the mouth or safely ignored.

In rare instances, biopsy and analysis reveal the unusual growth to be cancerous. If we detect cancer, we will refer you to a reputable, highly skilled oncologist in the area. 

Why Is It Important to Have an Oral Cancer Screening?

Our oral pathology visits rarely result in a cancer diagnosis. Routine oral cancer screenings are recommended, whether you receive one from your regular dentist or here at Jax OMS. The reason for this is simple: When detected early, oral cancer can be effectively treated before it spreads elsewhere in the body. Beginning treatment as early as possible can greatly improve your chances of making a full and fast recovery, without further complications down the road.

You’re in Good Hands with Us

Finding an abnormality in your mouth may be distressing, but with a clear diagnosis, you can confidently move forward with any necessary treatments. At Jax OMS, we are prepared to provide full oral pathologies as needed. Schedule a consultation by contacting our office at (904) 821-1334.